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You are an idiot is a Javascript/Adobe Flash virus that has been proven to be mostly harmless.

The appearence of the virus.

It functions very simply.

It shows an animated picture of a smiley face alternating black and white and the words, "You are an idiot, hahahahahahaha, hahahahaha!" repeat over and over again. If one tries to close it, it opens six little windows that rapidly move around the screen. If one eventually is able to hit one of the little X's on the windows, it will open six more. It is worth noting that each time one opens, the audio plays again, making it become louder and louder. By the time the user is able to open task manager or Alt F4, most of your processing power will probably be gone, causing severe lag that will inevetibly force the user to manually reboot their PC.

To disable the virus, you had needed to reboot your computer manually.